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One World, Many Fans, One Family
Fan Family Photo Album

Thanks to Pascal Clement for this keen logo.

Hi! My name is Ann and I'm a Jackie Chan fan. Jackie has millions of fans all around the world. This page focuses on one special group of those fans.
This page is dedicated to the Jackie Chan fans who participate in the VIP forum at Jackie's official website.  Those represented here are by no means all who visit the VIP forum. They are just a few who have kindly shared their pictures and some information about themselves so you can get an idea of what a diverse bunch we Jackie fans are.
I hope you enjoy meeting some of my cousins in the Jackie Chan Fandom Family.

Ann and Jackie in the Park drawn by Holly Hecht

The cartoon above was drawn by the official cartoonist for the Jackie Chan Kids Corner website. Clicking on the cartoon will take you to the site.
Holly will be teaching English in China for a year starting in August. This is a volunteer position and she must provide $1000 for her housing. If you'd like to help her out in raising this sum and get a very cool cartoon of your own, send me e-mail and I'll get your message to Holly.

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If after looking over this site you find that you would like to join us, please click the link below to visit Jackie's site and find out about the VIP club. When you join, you get some very nice goodies but more important is the access to the members forum where you'll find our family communicating about Jackie but also everything else under the sun.

Jackie Chan Official Website


What's New?

Here is where I'll let you know about updates to this site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

5-15-04 Added new photos to Fan Family Album.

Fan Family Photo Album

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