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This is my place to bundle a whole lot of the geeky things I like. If you are a geek, like me, be proud. We are a noble people;)

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Wanna see something funny? Of course, you wanna see something funny.

Here's another funny for ya!

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Click on the picture of Princess Leia to take a fun little test that will tell you which science fiction or fantasy character you are most like. My score told me that I was the Princess Leia type. I can live with that. She's a feisty girl but good at heart. The description on the site says, "A strong-willed herald of causes against injustice, you passionately strive to right the wrongs around you."

If you'd like to play around with some more character quizzes, here are some that I have found amusing.

NEW!!! Which FIREFLY Character Are You?
I took this and came out as Mal Reynolds. Hmmm... I've never seen him wear a dress...tight pants, yes...dress, no.
Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz
Kingdomality Personal Profile
Jeez, This is Fun Cartoon Character Quiz
The Best Damn Buffy Quiz Ever
Which "Enterprise" Character Are You?"
Which Martial Arts Movie Star Are You?
Which "Pirates of the Caribbean" Character Are You?
Which "Star Trek" Character Are You?
Which "Stargate" Character Are You?
Which "Dark Shadows" Character Are You?"
Which "Lord of the Rings" Character Are You?

AND IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T WASTED ENOUGH TIME ON THE NET... you can check out these name generators. Your Personal SmurfName Oh, c'mon, you know you have to try this even if you hate the Smurfs.
C.Y.B.O.R.G. Generator This one is not actually a name generator but it's fun. You put your name in and it is translated into a cyborg acronym.
White Lesbian Name Generator Not P.C. but funny, nonetheless.
Flywheel.Org's Random Title and Name Generator This one gives you a long-winded and pompous sounding title.
Get a Chinese Name Of course, I tried this one out because of my Jackie Chan Jones but it's really a very good site about Chinese culture in general.
Elvish Name GeneratorThis one is a Tolkien based name geneartor.
Hobbit Name Generator
Jedi Name Generator
Fairy Name Generator
Irish Name Generator This one does not translate your name into Irish (or Gaelic) and it's selection of names seems to be somewhat limited but it's fun.
Baby Names of Ireland This one is not a name generator but if you would like to find a good Irish name for yourself, it's quite good. It has lots of names and their meanings and you can listen to how they are supposed to sound. Some of you will find names that correspond to yours. Mine would be Aine, pronounced "Ahn-ya" and written in English as Anya.
Naming Generators This page has all kinds of name generators including, some listed above in different versions but also has some not already listed such as "Evil Names" and "Evil Sounding Names" and Cthulhu" names.
Here is Yahoo's list of name generators. You'll find some here that were not found in the link above.

Now, go do something useful like eat or sleep or work or write to friends...
photo of annie
(photo of Annie and her granddaughter taken October 4, 2002 by Joe Casey)
by Ann Morris (1998)

I have been to the mountain. I have been to the shore.
I have wandered in far places. I need travel no more.
I have found what I was seeking in a place where love starts.
Where we have come to gather, there's communion of hearts.

You can count on the starshine to guide you in the night
And the sun is there to lead you as you move through daylight.
You must follow your own pathway to the place where love starts.
In a place where friends await you, there's communion of hearts.

We have been on a journey to find where we belong.
We have turned what was weakness into something that is strong.
We have built our own bridges to the place where love starts.
Where we have come together, there's communion of hearts.

Although this is a personal homepage, I hope that those who happen to surf on in will find items of interest. It is like an attic (hence the title) with a hodge-podge of items to sort through.

If you'd like to go to some of my other pages on the web or to some sites I think are particularly important for the opportunity they give you to take action to make our world a better place, check out the following links.

Man From the Stars


For a list of most excellent and fun sites around the web, go to my Cool Links page.

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME...sort of

The reason for the big print on this page is that I'm legally blind and I appreciate easy to read pages. This being so, I figured I ought to make my personal page easy on the eyes. .

The reason for my poor vision is albinism. The nerves which send the signals to your brain need melanin to mature properly and albinos are in quite short supply. Most, if not all, human albinos have vision problems. There are varying degrees but they are usually fairly great. If you'd like to learn more about albinism, here are a few sites to get you started. It's not easy being really white...

NOAH (National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation
Albism in Popular Culture
Pale Riders Who Wear Black Hats(added April 26, 2003)
SKINEMA.COM (a dermatologist looks at skin conditions as they are portrayed in movies--including albinism--added April 26, 2003)
Salif Keita
Salif Keita is an African singer who founded "SOS Albino" organization in 1990 to give counsel, direction and support to his unfortunate brothers and sisters. (There is a great deal of superstition in Africa that albinos possess evil powers. Because of this and other cultural reasons, they are ridiculed and ostracized.

One of my interests is Science Fiction and Fantasy. As a founding member of the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association of the Tampa Bay area in Florida, I had better be fond of it. I don't live it but I do like it a lot. If you would like to know more about Stone Hill and Science Fiction and Fantasy in general, check out the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association and Lauren Podolak's MILIEUX At Lauren's site, you can also go to her costume pages and there you will find a treasure trove of links on everything from how to make an Elizabethan corset to replicas of medieval weaponry, and the ever popular, much more.

The smiling fellow in this picture is my husband Kendall. Doesn't he look chipper? He is an associate professor of physiology and biophysics at the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida. If you would like to know more about his work as a neuroscientist just drop on in at Dr. Morris's homepage.

You can view some of his lectures by clicking here

Writing has been one of my hobbies since the early days of my youth. Some of my poetry has been published in small poetry magazines and newsletters and most recently two poems were published in "Renaissance Magazine." One poem/song "Scarlet Hills," was publihed in the front of the books in the SPACEWAYS series by John Cleve. Many of my songs have appeared in amateur magazines (fanzines)and can be found in several places on the net.

I have also written non fiction articles for "Antiques Press," "Alley Cat," and MISTT (Man in Space Today and Tomorrow) "Veteran Fencers Quarterly," and some character creation for ICON COMICS. The last was an actual paying gig.

I continue to write a filk song now and again and I've recently spent time at my part time day job working with a fellow employee to develop a procedures manual for people who will work in my department.

Care to see some of my work? You can see some poetry On My Valentine Page To see some of my songs, visit Songs from the Hill .

Questions or comments about this page should be sent to:

May no harm come to you.
May you be free of fear.
May you be free from danger.
May you be free of pain and suffering.
May you be healed.
May you have mental happiness.
May you have physical happiness.
May you be well, happy, and peaceful.
May your home be a refuge, a place of peace.
May your mind be a refuge, a place of peace.

"Follow your bliss."--Joseph Campbell

There have been good souls who have visited this page since January 17, 2003, when it moved to the new "anyabananya" address. Before that, nearly 4000 visiters had graced it with their presence. Come back to see new things in the future.