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tune: Paul Simon's "Red Rubber Ball"

I'd like to live up high among the stars,
Going home by rocket ship
Instead of in my car.
I'm tired of highway 301
And 60's even worse.
I'm trying to arrive alive
Instead of in a hearse.
And I think that it would be real fine
To soar around the Milky Way.
There's just one thing I wouldn't like. It's speed bumps in space.

Way out in space, the traffic moves just fine,
No semis ridin' on your tail,
No backed up left turn line,
No construction on the roads,
No sitting railroad trains,
No recreational vehicles
Taking up both lanes.
Yes, that's where I've got to go--
Out around the Milky Way.
There's just one thing I've got to know.
Are there speed bumps in space?

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