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Tune: Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Morning Rain"

When he asks you to believe,
Itís ďin GodĒ you think he means
But thereís more out in the verse:
Something strong on which to lean.
Put your faith in your crew
And trust in the ship you fly.
If you believe in yourself,
Donít need no god on high.

Shepherd tends his flock by night
He watches over them by day,
He believes thereís something right
In the things they do and say.
They donít always bide by laws
But in their hearts, they are true.
Itís not winning that is all.
Itís the good that you do.

When the shepherdís time is done,
And your tears they start to fall.
Donít you mourn the loss of him.
You havenít lost him at all.
As long as you believe
And you keep his words in mind
His strength will be your own
A true path, you will find.

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