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Man from the Stars
by Ann Morris (Copyright 2003)
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Man from the stars would you like to meet me?

I know I'd like to meet you.

When the starships come, they will take me away
Across space to meet someone new.

I'm ready to travel to some other world
To seek out what I might find.

Though we will be strangers, I truly believe
We'll be able to reach mind to mind.

It's not easy being different here
Or anywhere else I fear.

In our differences, we likely will find
Qualities quite rare and dear.

Oh, man from the stars, I long for the day
You and I stand face to face.

We'll come from afar to a place neither has been
To have our rendezvous in space.

And time will whirl about us. Freedom will be ours.

The dream of my lifetime will be realized
When I meet you man from the stars.

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