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Tune: “Hush Little Baby”

Hush little Browncoat; don’t you sigh.
Your pop’s gonna buy you a Firefly.
And if that “Firefly” don’t shine,
Pop’s gonna clean it up real fine.
And if the cleanin’ takes too long,
We’ll pass the time with a cheerful song.
If the notes don’t sound so sweet,
We’ll stop and have a tasty treat.
Wife’s soup will make a dandy meal.
All warm and toasty you will feel.
When your pop’s chore is through,
He’ll come and tell a tale or two.
So, hush little Browncoat: don’t make a peep.
It’s time for you to go to sleep.
You’ll dream a dream of Serenity
And wake feelin’ happy as can be.

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