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Here, you'll find out what they were wearing in the 1980s. If you weren't around in the 80s, get hold of the TV series "Freaks & Geeks" and you'll get a good guide to the clothing of the time.

Cowboy Hats and boots Male Shoes 1980-1983 The hats had highly decorative bands, usually made with feathers and roach clips with matching feathers from the back. The boots had to be by Dingo, the fancier the better. Inspired by "Urban Cowbay."

Angel Flights Male Pants 80 These were polyester pants that first became popular with the "Rollerskating Rink" employees. They would rex around the rink in this "uniform" of tight Angel Flight pants, silk shirt and polyester vest. Then everyone had to have them. You would see them at dance clubs and parites. They were everywhere.

Bandanas tied around knee area Male Accessories 198? Brightly colored bandanas tied in a knot around the leg.

Ben Davis Male Work Shirts 81-86 These were short-sleeved, zipper-front shirts with tight, vertical blue and white stripes and two flat chest pockets. The original Ben Davis' have the distincive red, "grinning gorilla" logo-tag on the left chest pocket. One would associate these shirts with service station attendants or grease monkeys (auto mechanics). The Ben Davis shirt was normally matched with white, black or blue Levis 501s and Wallabys. The wearing of a long sleeved black or white "Long Johns" thermal underwear shirt underneath was not at all uncommon.

Derby Male Jacket 80-85 Medium weight jackets with elastic cuffs and girth. Two zippered side pockets. *MUST BE BLACK* (although a limited range of colors were available). These jackets were produced by several makers but an original "Derby" (made in San Francisco) could be easily identified by it's paisley lining, whereas copies had a solid black lining and were generally lighter in weight.

Dunlop Volleys Male Tennis shoe 1978- Today The coolest tennis shoe in the world. Recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a limited edition model that didn't quite have to same effect.

Fedoras Male Accessories 198? Usually in brighter colors than their 40s counterparts, Duran Duran in their early years wore a lot of these.

Gold Chains Male Accessories 1982 Multiple thick gold chains around the neck, sometimes with a large pendant, worn by urban teens in the hip-hop era.

Gold Diggers M and possibly F Pants Early 80's Brand of Pants that had many zippers. The tip of the zipper was shaped like a gold bar.

Guys in make up Male Accessories 1981-1983 A New Romantic style that wasn't real wide-spread.

Male Leather shoes late 70's - early 80's I remember wearing them, they looked like a cross between a workshoes and a walking casual. They were just the most comfortable shoes I had and quiet sturdy. They lasted a long time.

Harvey Male Pittsburgh Pirate hats and John Wayne shirts early 80's They were hats like the late 70's early 80's team wore. They started out solid black with gold stripes or solid gold with black stripes. Later they came in all sorts of colors. The The John Wayne shirts were made like the Civil war calvary shirts and you wore them with the bib half buttoned up. they came in all sorts of colors and you wore them with the blue or gray calvary hats.

Jackets With Sleeves Rolled Up Male Clothes Early-mid 80's Jacket worn with sleeves rolled up to elbows, often with shirt sleeves rolled up over the top

James Male Shag-head 1980-1990 Short hairstyle no gel. Not short enough to be considered skinhead. But shorter than average. A grown out brushcut.

Knit ties male accessory 1981- Also called sock ties. Knit in a long tube, sewn shut at the ends. A resurgence of a popular twenties look. Harrison Ford wears one in "Blade Runner".

Member's Only Jackets Male Clothing 1981 Thin wind breakers with a pocket on the left chest with the "Member's Only" logo (or similar label) and little epelets on the shoulders.

Mullet Male Hair 1980-1988 It was long in the back, short on the top.

Muscle Tee Male Clothes 1980-87 Tight, bare tank that showed off muscles, "cujine"-style!

Nut Shorts Male Clothes 70s-present The best definition of nut shorts would be "hot pants for men". Inspired by running shorts, they were often worn for leisure in the 80s. The most common type of nut shorts in the 80s were cut like running shorts and had white trim on the end. In the 80s, basketball and soccer players wore them, and to this day rugby players and Australian rules football players wear them. Nut shorts are still worn by the famous diet guru Richard Simmons. Nut shorts can be seen in the movie Goonies. The character of Brand, played by Josh Brolin is wearing nut shorts over his sweat pants.

Painter pants mostly male utility/fashion pant 1980- Heavy pants, in denim or white, with lots of pockets and a loop for a hammer on them. Worn with sneakers or work boots

Pastel Blazers Male Semi-Formal/Yuppiewear 1982-8 A pastel-colored blazer, most were baby blue. Usually worn over a solid-colored T-shirt. Cuffs were often bunched up to show the bare forearms (a la the Friends episode)

Sweats by Ebe-E Male Clothes 1980-1982 these were colored cotton pants with elastic waists and thin contrasting stipes down each leg. A pair might be sky blue with a yellow stripe.

Target Shirts Male Clothing Early 80s - 82-84 As part of NWOBHM style. The shirt was a white T-shirt with concentric thick black rings radiating out from the bottom left part of the shirt (from the perspective of the viewer). As seen on Randy Rhoads (Ozzy guitarist) and Quiet Riot. Same pattern on the back.

Unconstructed Jackets Mostly Male jackets 1982-88 Think "Miami Vice" - These were cheap unlined jackets, cut like a suit coat. They came in a myriad of color - from plain black/white to go-to-hell-pink! Usually worn with a crew neck or "wife beater" style t-shirt in a coordinating color. Often wore with elastic waist slacks and top-siders (no socks!) or checkered Vans.

If you don't want to dress in 80s clothing, something silver would work nicely. Just have fun.