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Here are many clothing items that you can mix together to create your 80s look. Think CYNDI LAUPER and MADONNA or watch old episodes of the TV show "Freaks & Geeks" if you were not around in the 80s to remember this stuff.

Clam Diggers Female Clothes 1982 Clam diggers were calf-length pants.

Clogs Female Shoes early 1980's Shoes carved from wood that made a "clip clop" sound when you walked. Everybody had clogs when I was in school 1981-1985

Converse All-Stars Female Shoes The 1980's And Beyond Converse All-Stars are old-fashioned, canvas, high-top, lace-up, basketball shoes with white rubber toes. In the 80's they came in every color but white.

Curtain Dress Women Clothing early 1980s This is a dress that looks like those formal curtains your aunt had in the living room where no body ever got to actually sit. Its main seam and center of gravity ran right down the middle of your body, with tight pleats moving away from the middle of the dress to the sides. It usually came in day-glow pinks and greens, and was not something that you could wear if you had an ounce of body fat. This dress also appeared variously throughout the 80's in Miami Vice episodes and Pebbles videos.

Female Overalls 1981-1984 Available in every color of the pastel rainbow, these candy-coated cotton overalls featured flimsy string ties at the top instead of the standard heavy-duty suspenders. The logo was an inverted triangle sewn onto the center back and sported an iced-cream cone with the words A. Smile on top and Gelati below. The only girls who could pull this look off were the snotty cheerleaders or drill-team members -- anyone over 120 pounds looked like a pastel dairy farmer. Pale pink was the most popular color at my high school.

Add-a-beads Female gold necklaces with small gold and other colored b early 1980's Add-a-bead necklaces were usually gold, and females purchased various gold and sometimes other colored beads to add to the necklace. The more beads you had the better. These were popular in the very early 80's and were worn with the preppy look - i.e. crewneck sweaters or Izod/Polo shirts.

Angora Sweaters Female Sweaters Early-mid 80s Fuzzy, tickly and ultra-feminine. Tended to make the wearer sneeze a lot. Ideal for dates because it guaranteed that you'd be touched.

Ankle Socks With Frills Around the Tops Female Clothes 1980's Socks with ruffles or frills around the tops. Usually worn with pumps (high heeled shoes) Ankle Socks With Pumps Female Clothes 1982-3 White lace-trimmed socks, properly worn with red spike-heeled pumps and tight capri-length jeans for an adorable "tramp-next-door" look!

Argyle Sweater vests Female Clothes 1982 - 1984 These were sweater vests that were worn over a long sleeve button down dress shirt. You usually wore a skinny tie underneath. The tie had to accent the sweater and you had to wear argyle socks to match the vest. They made argyle sweaters (with sleeves) but it wasn't the same.

Baggies Female Clothes 1981 Before M.C. Hammer, jeans fitted at waist, hips and ankles, HUGE in the legs.

Ballerina style shoes female shoes 1980's Ballerina style shoes typically worn with scrunched down socks made a brief appearance during the early to mid 80s, probably during the Flashdance Era.

Bangle Bracelets F Jewelry Early - Mid 1980's This plastic bracelet was a kind of slip-on bracelet in a wavy shape that circled the wrist with. The coolest girls would wear 2 at a time on each wrist, in colors that matched your outfit, of course!

Barrettes With Ribbons Female Hair Accessories 1981-1982 Girls wove colorful skinny ribbons through metal barrettes, tied them off, and left long strands of ribbon hanging off the barrette before cutting the ribbon. You'd usually wear two barrettes like this, one on each side, and the ribbons often had the same color scheme as your outfit.

Big Blazers Female Clothing 1981 Very preppie, usually worn with shoulder pads.

Black Ballet Slippers Female Shoes 1981- Black ballet slipper-like shoes. We used to wear them with stirrup pants.

Blue Eye Shadow and Colored Mascara Female Accessories 1980's Thick, almost painted on, blue eye shadow is worn with any outfit, at any point in the day

Bows Female Accessories All Eightes Big, ridiculous gargantuan bows either on top of the head or at the nape of the neck.

Fallo skirt Female Denim And Cotton Or Net Skirt 1980's Originated at Flip of Hollywood and popularised by such stars as Madonna and Cindy Lauper, the Buffallo Skirt was a Denim triangle waist and various fabric bottom varing from cotton, fishnet, to neck ties and scarfs. Worn with a t-shirt and the anklesock and heel or shortboot combo this was a very 80's melrose and club scene look.

Desert Boots Female Shoes Nubuck, leather ankle boots with little studs and cream crepe sole. Design Print Stockings Female Hosiery 1982-1985 These were panty hose, with

ET Jacket Female Jacket Early 80's - around 82 / 83 Zip front cotton jackets that came in an array of colors. The necks contained a lot of scrunched material that resembled ET's neck. If you held your arms out you wouldn't notice armpits. The waist would come up to the wrists.

Feather Roach Clips Female accesory 1980-1984 Girls wore roach clips with long dangling feathers attached to them in their hair, or attached them to the outside seam of their jeans.

Feathered Earrings Female Accessories early 1980's Earrings for women made of peacock and sometimes other kinds of feathers. Popular among the rocker crowd.

Fishnet Stockings Female Hosiery Early 80s Another 60s item that made a comeback in the 80s. Sleek, black hose with a netlike design. Popularized by Madonna's "Material Girl" video.

Flats Female Shoes 1981-3 Flat-heeled Pumps. Suddenly in 1981 ultra-flats came in, mostly in metallic colors like gold or bronze, and were worn with the new "mini" skirts (right above the knee) pants or knickers.

Fuzzy Animal Slippers Female Slippers Early To Mid 80s Fuzzy Animal slippers could be seen being worn by high school students throughout the hallway! You would wear your shoes/boots to school and change by your locker.

Gitano Jeans Female Popular Jeans 1982 Gitano Jeans were very popular for girls. They were jeans that came in different colors on the pockets. Teil, pink, green, blue or just plain. They were the same width all the way down. Not straight legged, not flared or wide legged pants. Do you remember those?

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Female Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans 1982 Gloria Vanderbilt's were dark blue or black denim with white top-stitching. The logo was a conspicuous, embroidered swan above the front pocket. My sister used to coordinate the color of the swan with her blouses and skinny belts.

Grosgrain Ribbons female accessory 1982-3 Ribbons were BIG whether they were worn in your hair or tied around your neck to compliment your button down shirt, plaid kilt, corduroy blazer combo. Grosgrain ribbons had a slightly ribbed texture and often had some sort of preppy design. Two popular designs of the early '80's were whales or alligators.

Gunny Sack Dresses Female Dress 1980 - Late 80's A wide variety of dresses. Some Tea Length some long. Usually bought for the Prom or some other High School Dance. (Special Occasions)

Hawaiian Shirts Female Clothing 1981 Bright floral print camp-style shirt. Typically worn with equally bright pants.

Headbands Female Accessories 1982-1983 Fat headbands, usually made from rolled fabric, were worn across the forehead. These were made popular by Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical" video.

Kneesocks Female Assesories 1970's & 1980's Who can forget cable kneesocks as a staple of every girl's wardrobe? They came in a variety of different colors and were worn up to the knee with a dress or scrunched down with a pair of jeans. Although still commonly used as part of a girl's school uniform, it is a shame that they are not as prevelant anymore....I still like the looks of them.

Knickers Both (women/girls only in N. America Pants 1981-1983 Pants which ended at mid-calf or just below the knee, cuffed (frequently with either snaps or elastic) to stay in place. Best worn with panty hose or bare legs and feet. First seen (for 80s purposes) as part of Princess Leia's outfit on planet Bespin for _The Empire Strikes Back_, they were also popularized by Lady Diana Spencer during her courtship and engagement.

Lady Diana Haircuts Female Hair 1980-1982 Heavy fringe to the eyebrow, blown to the right or left, heavy length in the back, rounded at the bottom, brown with blond streaks. heavy at the sides, with layers, feathered back at the sides. Back blowen straight down with the round at the bottom, feathered sides whisp back.

Laura Ashley Female Dresses/ Skirts 1980s Laura Ashley was a very expensive clothing line of frou-frou dresses-very girly, mainly pastels and/or large flower patterns, with poofy sleeves to the elbow, full longer skirts and rounded, Peter Pan collars. Worn with white or pink hose and white ballet flats. Loosely related to Princess Diana's girly style in the '80s, before she went haute couture. Also a line of interior design items like curtains and wallpaper. Laura Ashley Mecca was on Oxford Street in London if I recall correctly.

Legwarmers Female Accessories 1981-1986 First seen on Jane Fonda's workout tape, widespread acceptance after Flashdance

Metallic Thread Shirts Female Metallic Thread Plaid Shirts early 80's These were very popular in the early eightees and were cotton made in India or China. The metallic threads were gold, silver,or multi-colored. Some were not plaid, but had vertical lines and had a "wet" look.

Miniskirts Female Clothing 1982 A brief resurgence in popularity with the 60s fashion, though they weren't nearly as short. They often came as part of a set, which included a matching sweater, headband and leg warmers...

Paint Splattered Shirts mostly F Clothing 1982-1983 Paint splattered white t shirts, they were oversized and you would tie in a side knot at the hip, they would have like 3 or 4 or more colors, you could even get them with the cutout neck like "Flashdance" style. You could also buy pants paint spattered, but the shirts I remember being more popular.

Petticoats Female Skirt 1981-83, 1987-88 Influenced from the fab 50s, these skirts were originally designed to be worn under an overskirt. Petticoats are often called can-cans or crinolines..they had yards and yards (sometimes as much as 80 to 100 yards) of fabric usually stiff netting or organdy. They made your skirt pouf WAY out and came in all colors and lengths. By 1987 and 88, they were being worn by themselves without an overskirt..usually with a wide belt and a bustier top or bodysuit or leotard..

Pink Ice Rings Female Gemstone 80's A pink gemstone used in all different types of jewelry. The most popular thing to have was a pink ice ring. Pinstriped Jeans both Clothes 1982-83 Blue jeans with white pinstriping (narrow). Fad in early '80s during the painter pants phase. Blue jeans for both guys and gals with narrow white pinstripes. Pinstripes would fad after a several washings!

Prairie skirts and blouses Female Clothing 1981-1983 western style, long skirts usu. denim, with ruffles on the bottom. some came with white lace trim on the bottom to look as if an old fashioned petticoat was hanging out. The tops (usually gingham checks) had big puffy sleeves and had two rows of ruffles down the front and/or back of the shirt and usually buttoned in two rows down the front). You could wear them over fancy, lacy underskirts and then pin, or tie them up so the underskirt showed(some had ties for this purpose.) Looked really cool with cowboy boots

Preppy belts female belt 1982-3 These were really skinny leather belts that came in a variety of colors and were held together with a hook and eye clasp in the front. The clasp was always gold tone, but it came in a variety of shapes like seashells, whales, alligators, seahorses, etc. You could buy different clasps and different belt colors and mix and match.

Quilted Chinese Jacket Female Jacket 1981-1983 These jackets usually had either no buttons, or had decorative frog closures. The were about waist length, with a maddarin stand-up collar, and lightly quilted in Asian-inspired floral fabric. They sometimes had a satin lining and/or satin-ribbon edging and were worn with both jeans or skirts. I had a burgundy one in 8th grade.

Ribbon Accessory Female Long thin ribbons 1981- 1984 ?? Girls would wear long thin ribbons tied in bows around the collar of an oxford shirt. Very preppy!!!!

Saira female Tuxedo Printed T-shirts 1982-1988 Lots of guys had these kind of shirts. They'd mostly wear them on special occassions like parties or high school dances. Especially the prom. It was mostly the class clowns who wore these. And believe it or not, some teen movies still have the typical class clown wearing it.

Satinised Jeans Female Clothes 1980-83? Skin-tight jeans that looked like silk. Often in black, influenced by Olivia Newton-John's outfit at the end of 'Grease'. Also seen in red and white. One manufacturer was Palm. The must-have item for the really cool girls at the disco. Usually teamed with a boob tube/strapless top.

Shelley Female Waist length jackets with charms on the lapel 1980-1985 I had 2 favorites one was black with charms sewed to it. The charms were a key, heart , cross stuff like that. Wore a white tank top under the jacket and suede ankel boots. The second was a red waist jacket with black buttons that buttoned over the breast. Usually wore a white tank top underneath and tight blue jeans with big belt.

Shoelaces As Ribbons Female Accessories 1981-1982 Girls took those preppy shoelaces with whales or alligators or whatever and tied them into a bow around their necks. This went especially well with the oxford shirts that had the buttons on the collar, but I also remember girls wearing them with frilly lacy collars, too.

Skatersocks socks 70's 80's Old school striped tube socks for the 80's!! I cant believe that I found this site Really cool socks! I love to wear them up to my knees!

Spandex Girls Shorts Late 1980s Shorts worn under a large T-Shirt held to the side by a scrunchie or under a blue jean skirt. Shorts usually had quite a few inches of lace on the bottoms, matching the bright colors they came in. Spiked High Heels (Stilletto Heels) Female High Heels the entire decade I can remember being in high school and wearing my spiked heels with almost about everything imaginable. My girlfriends and I were the most popular girls at Beverly Hills High, and we showed it in our fashion. We wore Our spiked heels with anything from jeans to mini-skirts. I can remeber wearing a black pair of 6 inch heels to school one day. I was the envy of evryone. I still have all of my shoes. The Spiked heels was definitely one fashion statement that I can remember being very prominent throughout the 80's.

Swatch Female watches anytime Swatch watches were great. The more you wore on your arm the cooler. I usually wore three at a time, different designs.

Tail Female Hairstyle 1982-? A flock of hair which was significantly longer than the rest was called a tail. Often it was braided, and sometimes dyed a different color than the rest of the hair.

Terry Cloth Mostly Female Clothes 1980-83? Terry cloth athletic tank tops and matching short shorts, usually red or blue, with white piping.

Thrift Chic Mostly Female/both Used Clothes/jewlery, The Trashier The Better 1980-1986 Cyndi Lauper made this huge: used clothes from thriftshops and junk jewlery from thriftshops, the trashier and tackier the better. This included mixing pattern after pattern (camo pants with a paisley long sleeve shirt buttoned up, and a loud hawiian shirt unbuttoned over that), 6 or 7 belts (metal "dressy" belts that women wear along with regular leather ones, concho belts were also popular with this), mis-matched shoes and piles and piles of junk/plastic jewlery (including mis-matched earrings). The scary thing is the popularity of this look seemed to come and go with Cyndi's popularity (started in the very early 80s and died not long after her popularity started to slip around late '86).

Turtlenecks with hearts, stars etc. Female Clothing 1981-1984 ANYTHING green and pink was in. Most often these turtlenecks were worn under the Norwegian type sweaters, but they weren't folded down. They were kept up to the neck and then a necklace strategically placed to hang over the front of it 'just right'.

Tuxedo wear female tux shirt, bow tie, black knickers 1982-83 When preppy girls felt the need to go menswear-formal at school: White wing tip collar shirt worn with bow tie and black knickers (cord or velvet) or long black shorts. Adorned with a satin cumberbund, that matched the bow tie.

An alternative to dressing in 80s style for the Silver Anniversary Dance would be to wear silver--Duh!

Have fun with this!!!