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The Disenchanted Dinner Host

By Ann Morris

I’m a disenchanted dinner host

At the Inn of Humble Faire,

Besieged by uninvited guests

From the realm of magic rare.


There are too many unicorns.

Too many dragons I’ve seen,

Too many bugeyed monster types,

And little creatures of green.


A large number of griffons abound

And likewise pegasi.

Mythical beasts are all about.

I wish they’d all go by.


I’d like to meet some gentle folk,

The ordinary kind,

To sit with me at suppertime,

To toast and share my wine.


We could dine on unicorn stew

And maybe some griffon pie,

Followed by a course of dragon meatloaf

And pate’ of pegasi.


We could have some lovely desserts,

Like none you’ve ever seen,

Some green creatures jubilee

And bugeyed monster ice cream.


Wouldn’t that be lovely? (sigh)

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